7 Spring Kitchen Renovation Ideas

7 Spring Kitchen Renovation Ideas

7 Spring Kitchen Renovation Ideas

7 Spring Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Spring has finally arrived and when you look out of your windows you’ll find lovely sunshine. If you were waiting to start your kitchen renovation project, then spring is the perfect time to do it. Here are some smart ideas to carry out your spring kitchen renovation.

1. Renovate for an Ageless Kitchen Design

Kitchen renovations are expensive and it should be done just once every 15 or 20 years. Moreover, it’s not advisable to renovate your kitchen just for the sake of following a trend. It’s wise to aim for an ageless kitchen design that’s highly-functional and easy-to-use and it will help you to complete your kitchen chores effortlessly keeping you happy, and you won’t have to care about following annual kitchen design trends.

2. Kitchen Flooring

Go for stone or hardwood flooring for your kitchen to achieve a timeless look. Again, choose light colours for flooring options as it looks elegant and creates the illusion of space. If you have decent space behind your kitchen cooktop and sink then installing a kitchen splashback would be great. It will transform your kitchen space to look neat, orderly and plush and importantly, when you’re cooking, it will serve as a shield and protect your kitchen walls from getting dirty or damaged.

3. Does Your Kitchen Benchtop Require Replacement?

If you’re using laminate benchtop, then surely after 7 or 10 years, it will need to be replaced, as it will be used up and exhausted. If this is the case, then look for durable benchtop options such as natural stone or engineered quartz stone that are not only durable but also easy to maintain and give you a timeless look.

4. Paint Your Kitchen

If your kitchen is giving an exhausted/ worn-out look with paint coming out from the walls at different places, then yes, it’s time to give a new coat of paint to your kitchen walls. If you want to make your kitchen look roomier, then choose light colours such as light green, white, light grey, sky blue or off-white. Besides, choosing a light colour will give an impression of more light in the space compared to dark colours. However, if you want somewhat brighter colour, then choose mustard (dull/dark yellow) colour and this will balance all three viz. looks roomier, gives the impression of more light and it’s a kind of brighter colour.

5. Kitchen Storage Solutions

Kitchen Storage Solutions

Install cabinetry that offers smart kitchen storage solutions by offering space-saving features and hidden storage space, and you’ll fall in love with it. Your simple yet highly-functional kitchen cabinets will remain in style eternally.

6. Replace Your Kitchen Hardware Products

Your kitchen cabinet handles, drawer knobs, cupboard knobs, as well as, door handles and knobs may have worn-out. And you need replacing all of your kitchen’s hardware products so that it works again smoothly.

7. Replace Your Kitchen Appliances

If your kitchen appliances are old enough – first, it may not work smoothly as desired; secondly, it will consume a lot more energy. So it’s best to replace such energy-draining appliances by investing in brand new energy-efficient kitchen appliances.

Voila, these are the seven spring kitchen renovation ideas to transform your old, dull and boring existing kitchen into fresh, cheerful and welcoming kitchen space.

The Bottom Line

You can implement all seven kitchen ideas to completely transform your kitchen space. However, if your budget doesn’t permit then you can just renovate the parts of your kitchen that you think need renovation – for example, if paintwork, flooring, benchtop, cabinetry are all fine and that you just need replacing your kitchen hardware such as handles and knobs, as well as, replace a couple of your kitchen appliances, then you have to just implement these changes to make your kitchen highly-functional again.


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