8 Intelligent Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen

Storage Ideas For Your Kitchen

8 Intelligent Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen

Storage Ideas For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the busiest space in our homes. It’s the place where food is being cooked in the mornings and evenings. For preparing food, a lot of things are required including tools such as knives, vegetable cutters etc along with bowls, dishes, plates, pans and more. Proper storage space is required to store all the kitchen tools beginning from the smaller ones to the bigger while vegetables, fruits and perishable food items are normally stored in the fridge and freezer respectively. In this blog post, we’ll uncover eight intelligent storage ideas for your kitchen:

1. With Assisted Opening – It’s Effortless to Open Kitchen Drawers & Doors

It’s a prudent choice to use the Blum Servo-drive technology for your kitchen drawers, which can make your kitchen drawers quite easy to manoeuvre. With this technology, you only need to use a light touch to open up the drawers and doors of your kitchen. This latest tech allows you to keep your hands spotless and is a valuable addition to any kitchen, especially for people who have problem lifting or who might be suffering from varied kinds of pain.

2. Pull out Storage Unit

pull out storage unit

Pull out storage unit is ideal for racking up all your spices. So when you need them just pull out and use, which will save your essential bench space. This way, all your spices will get a decent space and you can easily access them when needed; no more will you misplace your spice jars in your cupboards or pantry. Alternatively, you can integrate spice storage racks around your range in a way that’s effortless to access and handy to use.

3. Magic Corner Storage Unit

Magic corner unit

Corner storage unit should be cleverly used because at times you may find it difficult to access items stored in there because it’s installed diagonally. However, as per your storage requirements, you can set up the magic corner unit accordingly; for instance, if you want to store small items in there, you can choose drawers that can keep your kitchen look tidy and ordered. Choose a shelf-type storage system if you want to store small appliances in the corner storage unit.

4. Install Toe Kick Drawers

Toe kick drawers

By installing some toe kick drawers, you can greatly increase your kitchen’s storage. They remain nicely concealed and are easy to access; just by giving a little tap with your toe, you can pop open them. They take up the lowermost space close to the kitchen floor that is seldom used and they work brilliantly for big, heavier items that would be too large for drawers that sit higher. By installing these, you can easily increase around 20% added storage space in the kitchen.

5. Concealed Table

Nowadays, many modern kitchens, especially apartment kitchens don’t have the luxury of extra space to work with, so it’s a fantastic idea to add a fixed bench, which can save precious space and is convenient to use. A 100kg max limit table would be sufficient, which can manage most food preparation tasks. Moreover, you need to have a table that has adequate space for your whole family to sit and eat the meals together. This can either be incorporated into your compact kitchen or into the dining space as a brilliant space saver.

6. Concealed Pantry

If your kitchen remains fully stocked at all times, then the items you store behind your pantry can get tougher to find or can be lost. However, if you use a pull-out pantry system, you can effortlessly access all the items that you need. This will not only make better use of your available space but also increases your overall kitchen storage. You need to find a high-quality pull-out pantry to incorporate this brilliant idea into your kitchen. This will guarantee smoother gliding and better weight-bearing capability as compared to a cheaper variant that can break if you accidentally overload it.

7. Storing Brooms & Mops

storing brooms and mops

Brooms and mops may come in the way in your kitchen. Well, this issue can be resolved by installing broom holders, which will give you a more organised kitchen space. Preferably, you can install them behind the door so that brooms and mops can be kept hidden from the walking spaces.

8. Waste Bins for Kitchen

Intergrated kitchen waste bin

You’ll require a waste bin for putting waste regardless of whether the kitchen is big or small. If you have to deal with regular garbage, manure and recycled materials then you already require three bins. To make your work a bit easier, integrated kitchen waste bins are available on the market to choose from. You can incorporate these into your kitchen quite effortlessly including a waste sorting system with the latest Blum’s technology for a waste bin that can open and close without the need to touch it with your hands while you’re busy cooking or are in the middle of something. For aesthetics, you can choose a bin having the same colour as that of the entrance door.

The Bottom Line

When you want to make your kitchen look fabulous and offer ample storage, also remember that storage alternatives need to be functional as well.


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