How To Build The Laundry of Your Dreams?

How to build the laundry of your dreams

How To Build The Laundry of Your Dreams?

How to build the laundry of your dreams

Everybody dreams of having a laundry where everyday chores will get done automatically. Well, if it sounds something impossible, then the minutest thing that you can do is to build a laundry space where you can get the things done more efficiently with little efforts!

Efficient & Orderly Storage Space

The first thing you need to undertake to create your dream laundry starts with building an orderly storage space. Create partitions according to your activities, which includes adequate bench space for folding clean clothes, putting away dirty clothes, or place washing baskets. Besides, you can have separate pull out laundry hampers for dark and light colour clothing. By having an orderly and neat space, you’ll create a laundry that is more efficient and clutter-free to work.

Invest in Smart Machines

Invest in an intelligent washing machine that comes with pre-wash settings alongside sensitive hand-washing and automatic stain-removal cycles. Many reputed brands have adopted this sensor technology to scan and read how the washing progresses and fine-tune rinses and actions accordingly. The latest dryers come integrated with 3D sensors and heat pumps, which means you can get the errands done quickly, using lesser energy.

Look out for dryers that can scan the load to evaluate the amount of water present, and then accordingly figure out drying time. The known brands are upgrading the iron and bringing innovative garment steamers, which is the backbone of stylists for years for home use. The innovative-steamers that use steam to revive clothes by eliminating wrinkles are fabulous that does not require ironing board. Nevertheless, new ironing appliances are creeping in speedily. The newest ones have upgraded glide and disregarded water refills.

Buy Energy-Efficient Machines

Look out for those red and yellow label-stickers on the machines that give information about the product’s energy-efficiency. That label-stickers show two figures as follows:

  • One for energy efficiency (revealed in stars such as *****) – more the stars, more will be the savings.
  • The other one is for energy consumption (show kilowatts per year).

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Storage for Ironing Board

Design an area within your cabinets to store your ironing board cleverly, so it does not use valuable floor space, but plan where you will use it and accordingly install the power points.

  • Wall Mounted Ironing Board – The latest Hafele’s smart ironing board storage solutions allows you to fold and pull directly from the back of a drawer front and wall-mount or foldout and use as an adjacent board.
  • You can also purchase cabinets at your local hardware store that come with mirror fronts, which can foldout ironing board inside.
  • Alternatively, you can fit hooks to the inside of large cupboard doors to hang ironing boards and other cleaning accessories.

Racks for Drying

  • Make provision for a ceiling-mounted hanging rod or fold-away drying racks, whichever is handy and convenient for you.
  • Alternatively, you can look for a separate foldable standalone variant that you can easily tuck away when you’re not using it.
  • You can also consider wall-mounted drying rack for compact drying, which is ideal to hang clothes after iron or to dry delicate garments such as lingerie or underwear.

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