How To Choose The Best Kitchen Sinks & Taps

How to choose kitchen sinks & taps

How To Choose The Best Kitchen Sinks & Taps

How to choose kitchen sinks & taps

Kitchen sinks and taps are vital components of your kitchen and have a key role to play when you’re washing vegetables, fruits or poultry, involved in food preparation and cooking, or washing dishes and pots. Undoubtedly, a kitchen sink is the most used place in your kitchen, so you need to buy a kitchen sink and taps carefully so that you get highly functional, easy-to-use and visually appealing kitchen sink and taps.

Don’t get anxious! We will help you to choose the best kitchen sink and taps for your kitchen. All you have to do is understand and apply the buying considerations that we have listed out below:

1. What Kitchen Sink Material You Need?

Consider the style of your kitchen, and accordingly, you need to get a suitable sink and taps.

  • The Stainless steel kitchen sink is a soft choice to make as it is durable, easy to clean and relatively inexpensive to buy. That doesn’t mean there are no other feasible alternatives available in the market.
  • If you’re building a traditional style kitchen, then a porcelain or cast iron sink will be most suited, and accordingly, you can get some matching taps to complete the look.

Nowadays, most materials are available in an array of designs, sizes and shapes. Check out here types of kitchen sinks & materials.

2. Do You Need Medium or Large Kitchen Sink Basins & How Many You Would Need?

Generally, kitchen sinks are available in a single bowl, double bowl sink, or single with a small bowl for rinsing, which is also referred to as an “end bowl”. As a thumb rule, your kitchen sink basins should be big enough to dip the largest pot you have.

Kitchen Sink & Tap

When it comes to choosing how many bowls you’ll need, you’ll have to consider the space first, and accordingly, you need to finalise the number of sink bowls to purchase and consider how big they should be.

  • If your kitchen sink has sufficient space, then you can opt for benevolent sizes and even a second bowl, as they would make a practical choice.
  • Conversely, if you have a small space, then a single bowl may be adequate.
  • For corner installations, L-shaped designs are also available, and you can install modest, single round bowls for cooking, as an addition to your main kitchen sink.

3. Do You Need Drain Board Attached to the Sink?

Similar to the Europeans, Aussies love the drainboards!

  • If you’ll be washing things that might not fit in the dishwasher, then a drainboard attached to the sink is a practical way to lower down the clutter.
  • If you’re not limited by space then you can install drainboards on both sides of your sink.
  • If you’re installing an under-mount sink, then you should think of incorporating some drain passage into the benchtop on both sides of the sink. If this can’t be achieved and you’re left with a modest kitchen sink without drainboards, then you can install a draining rack attachment over the top of the sink.

Thus, when planning your kitchen layout and especially benchtop, remember to leave decent space at least on one side of the sink to pile up dirty dishes. It will make your washing chores a breeze.

4. Is There Anything Else That You Need to Consider When Shopping for Kitchen Sinks?

Technically, you also need to look at soundproofing. It will not only keep the sound down but also provide insulation that will safeguard against condensation on the bottom of the bowls, and aids in preserving the water temperature. Keep in mind that different sink materials will provide different levels of natural insulation and soundproofing.

How to Select the Perfect Kitchen Taps?

Well, kitchen sink taps are purchased separately, as they are not a part of the kitchen sink.

So when it comes to selecting the perfect kitchen taps, you need to look beyond basic compatibility and consider the tap’s configuration to the sink. Here are the essential considerations for buying the perfect kitchen taps:

  • If you’re getting a single lever kitchen mixer tap, would you install it in the centre, the left or the right of the sink?
  • What will you prefer – a single tap, double-tap or a separate tap for each sink for any specific reason?
  • Would you install a tap in the centre and a soap dispenser on the left or right?
  • If you’re considering a pull-out tap, what is the best place to install it?
  • Are you selecting a tap design that would need some clearance behind it? If yes, have you considered it?

The Bottom Line

When you know what exactly you want, buying the right kitchen sink and taps gets easier. Once they are installed, they will help you to complete your kitchen chores with the utmost ease. Thus, you’ll get a highly functional, handy and attractive kitchen sink and taps. Above all, it will save you from all the unwanted hassles of installing an incorrect kitchen sink and taps for years into the foreseeable future.

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