How to Maximise the Practicality of Your Kitchen Corner Cabinet

How to Transform Your Kitchen Corner

How to Maximise the Practicality of Your Kitchen Corner Cabinet

How to Transform Your Kitchen Corner

Nowadays, many kitchens are annoyed with a space in their kitchen that is not usable. Homeowners have given this space various names such as the occasional access storage corner, store things you don’t need and forget corner, difficult to access corner and unusable corner. This particular space is referred to as the blind corner within the kitchen industry. This area of the kitchen was a large dark hollow for many years. Thanks to modern-day innovations, today many solutions in the market can help you to maximise the use of kitchen corner cabinets.

Magic Corner

Kitchen Magic Corners offers a contemporary/ industrial look that is pleasing to the eye. It is a superb solution for the modern-day kitchen, as it brings kitchen items into full visibility. Made from chrome rails, this unit features shelves connected to a swing-out door, so upon opening it, pulls interior shelves toward the open area of the cabinet. The design has been enhanced to include a soft-close feature to minimise noise. However, when the shelves are fully loaded you will still hear clinking noises with all-metal organisers.

Magic Corner II

Magic Corner II is an upgraded version of the Magic Corner. It brings full accessibility with two separate roll-out shelves that pull out, after being brought to the open area of the cabinet. This type of convenience brings about the next level of organisational possibilities to the kitchen’s blind corner.

Lazy Susan Shelves

Lazy Susan shelves can be fabricated of plastic or wood with two half circles or half-moon that slide along a side pole. Most of the shelves function individually and can be effortlessly pulled out or halfway out. Some models also turn out toward the user. Lazy Susan shelves are fantastic kitchen corner units available in the market and are an inexpensive alternative.

LeMans Corner Pull-Out

The LeMans kitchen corner unit gets a pull-out pivot motion roll-out. Shelves get a rounded shape, which facilitates storing of different types of pots, pans and bowls. It also gets slip-resistant shelves with a side railing, keeping the items in their place without letting them fall or slide off the edges.

LeMans Kitchen Corner Unit

How to Select the Right Kitchen Corner Cabinet for Your Kitchen?

Consult a professional cabinet maker and ask for his advice concerning which type of kitchen corner cabinet unit will perfectly suit the available corner space in your kitchen. Besides, cost differences exist between these kitchen corner cabinet models, so you’ll need to ensure what your budget is.

If you want to fit a corner unit into an existing cabinet, then take note of the dimensions of the unit you like to see if it will work for you. You’ll get specifications and detailed installation instructions on the Internet, but it is better to hire an expert installer to install it flawlessly, as it’s not a simple task.

Now that you have an efficient kitchen corner cabinet in place, never again it will become a dumping place for all the discarded appliances or holiday merchandise. This newly installed kitchen corner unit will help you to better organise your kitchen stuff.


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