How to Select a Kitchen Sink? Why Opt for Stainless Steel Sink?

How To Select A Right Kitchen Sink

How to Select a Kitchen Sink? Why Opt for Stainless Steel Sink?

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

If you want to choose fixtures for a brand new kitchen or you’re about to start renovating your kitchen, then here are the vital things you should consider when purchasing a stainless steel kitchen sink. You need to take immense care while picking the right kitchen sink because when you pick an incorrect kitchen sink, it can ruin a kitchen design and functionality. The style is not the only thing when it comes to picking the right sink, but it has to be highly functional and endure years of daily use. Well, buying a stainless steel kitchen sink is what we recommend for all the right reasons mentioned hereunder.

The Shape You Should Choose for Your Kitchen Sink

A rounded sink is convenient to clean than one with square sides; however, if you want a sleek, modest look then go with the square edges.

The Perfect Size for Your Kitchen Sink

If you want to install this sink into an existing cavity, then measure the original sinkhole and select a new sink that will effortlessly fit into that space. On the other hand, if your bench space facilitates for a larger sink, then you can cut a larger hole and choose a bigger sink. Take into account the depth of the sink and ensure there is ample space for garbage disposal systems or water filters underneath.

However, if you want install the sink into a new bench then measure the cabinet length between the beams to decide the highest length available for your sink. Ensure you have adequate space on both sides of the sink to place dishes and cook food. To make it easier to use, make sure your sink’s placement is near to the front of the bench to make it handier to use.

How Many Sinks Do You Require?

Single Bowl Sink

A single, deep sink means you can effortlessly soak and wash a big pan. Nonetheless, soaking a large casserole and wanting to wash vegetables at the same time can be challenging.

Double Bowl Sink

Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

Normally, these sinks have two basins of identical size or one basin bigger and another one smaller. When working on two different tasks, the split basin can be quite useful – for instance, you can fill up a kettle in one and wash dishes in another. The bigger basin is practical for holding bigger pots/ pans.

Three Bowl Sink

Three bowl sink have two big bowls and one small one right in the centre for a garbage disposal system. These sinks need a great amount of bench space.

The three major kinds of kitchen sinks are:

  • Top mount sinks
  • Under-mount sinks
  • Farmhouse sinks

1. Top Mount Sinks are the simplest of sinks to install and drop into position over the bench.

2. Under Mount Sinks are installed under the bench top. The benefit of these types of sinks is they have a simple design, are sleek and effortless to clean around.

3. Farmhouse Sinks have a deep basin and protrude from the bench. They are often known as an apron front sink and are usually found in country-style homes. These sinks are more convenient for kids and shorter people, as they can rest lower than the benchtop.

Why You Should Prefer Stainless Steel Sink?

Stainless steel is the most commonly used material for modern sinks and they look great plus they come integrated with a good sound insulator. They are robust and effortless to clean. The metal can scratch but these marks can be brushed out of the stainless steel sink. A stainless steel sink is an ideal sink if you’re having a tendency to throw things right into the sink because some of the other materials can easily chip or break the item.

Tap Holes and Placement

When selecting a sink, it’s crucial to consider how the kitchen tap will go with the bench. Many sinks already come with integrated holes inside them. If you pick separate hot and cold water taps, then you’ll require three holes in your sink. Today, mixer taps are the most commonly used kitchen taps that need only one hole in the sink or no holes if the kitchen tap is bench mounted. Moreover, consider if you’ll require another hole for filtered water or even soap dispensers.

If you are right-handed, the tap holes’ placement should be on the left-hand side and if you’re left-handed, the tap holes’ placement should be on the right side. However, if you have a 2-basin sink then the placement should be in the centre of the basins.

Placement of the Drain

Centred Drain: In a centred drain, water will drain away speedily, as there is less distance for the water to travel. It provides handy access for repairs and maintenance. On the flip side, pots and pans may hinder the drainage in a centred drain.

Off-Centred: It provides more space below the sink for storage purposes and more space in the sink for washing pans and facilitating water to drain fast.

A Final Word

Select a stainless steel kitchen sink and the mixer tap that gels with your overall kitchen decor and provides great functionality.


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