Essential Kitchen Storage: Uncovering Corner Storage Options

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Essential Kitchen Storage: Uncovering Corner Storage Options

Kitchen corner storage options

The storage space that is difficult to reach or aren’t easily visible is often neglected. This is the very reason as to why we lose the essential kitchen corner storage space. Nonetheless, these days, a variety of kitchen storage solutions is handily accessible that can solve the problem. This includes corner storage options intended to make exceptional use of the tough corner cupboard space for effective, resourceful storage. And some of the most resourceful ones are listed below:

1. Kitchen Larder Units

Kitchen larder units are normally set very close to your worktops for effortless loading and reloading. Larder units store dry foods such as cereal, pasta and tinned goods. Larder units are available in an array of sizes to suit your precise requirements and are accessible in both base and tall units. The majority have shelf or wire basket choices that are fitted to the door and it would open out when you pull the door open. Some of the variants also have a swing out option, which facilitates you to double their capacity. The advantages of larder units include usability, convenience and functionality.

2. Kitchen Pull-Out Bin Systems

Intergrated kitchen waste bin

Kitchen pull-out bin systems are another excellent corner storage solution that is incorporated under your kitchen worktop. These remove the need for a freestanding bin that can take up space or spoil your kitchen’s stylish aesthetic. Pull-out bins are available in various door thicknesses, optional dividers for effortless recycling and capacity options. Many of them also come with close-over-lids to cover waste smells, if any.

3. LeMans Kitchen Corner Units

The LeMans kitchen corner unit is not only given the name of the well-known French racetrack but also the shape resembles it. It’s intended to expand storage space in kitchen corners. In order to convert the storage space twofold, two liberal trays need to be kept one above the other and make full use of the cupboard’s depth. Upon opening the corner unit, their sleek design facilitates each shelf to slide effortlessly and quietly outwards. This act brings up the entire contents of the unit in front of you, bringing everything within your easy reach, as well as, the worktop prep space. That means:

LeMans corner unit

  • You get added storage space.
  • Locating what you need is easy.
  • It’s simpler to lift bulkier items.
  • You can keep your cupboard arranged without forgetting what’s in there.

When you’ve done, the soft-close system facilitates each shelf to pull back fully and gently get back into the cupboard’s depth. LeMans corner units have a load-bearing capacity of up to 25kg per shelf, which makes them perfect for storing cooking pans, pots and other heavy kitchenware. These corner storage units can open to the right or to the left.

4. Magic Kitchen Corner Units

magic kitchen corner

A magic kitchen corner unit, similar to LeMans corner unit, completely pulls back into the rear of a base corner unit space. Instead of shelves, this system integrates wire baskets, with 2 at the front and 2 at the back. Magic kitchen corner units are available in different sizes and finishes. When the cupboard door is opened, each of the front baskets protrudes from the cupboard space, and then they rotate through 170 degrees to make the contents accessible. This action clears up the space for the baskets at the back to follow; these slides out behind the front ones to make sure their contents are also accessible. Just before the cupboard door closes, a soft-close option slows down the motion making sure this action is smooth and quiet.

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