Pull Handles or Knobs: What Is Ideal For Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers?
Knobs vs Pull Handles

Pull Handles or Knobs: What Is Ideal For Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers?

Knobs vs Pull Handles

When it comes to picking the right hardware for your kitchen, it can be a daunting task. Of course, there are plenty of choices out there, but buying the right knobs can put the final touches on a great kitchen. Imagine a kitchen without any cabinet hardware – how would it look? Well, it would look incomplete and a bit bare.

If you love an unsophisticated but clean look, then fit knobs in your kitchen. If you want an informal look, then round or square knobs will be perfect. Knobs that are more complex can add elegance to traditional rooms. However, handles and bars have a more visual presence and they are often referred to as pulls.

Nonetheless, if you can’t determine what to choose, then you can blend knobs and pulls together to form your own custom look. Install pulls or bars on drawers that are heavier to pull and fit the knobs on cabinet doors. Accordingly, you can use cabinet pull handles, knobs or a combination of both to create a personalised look in your kitchen.

Pull Handles

Pull handles can be installed effortlessly and they normally require more than one screw. Most of the pulls will need two screws. Typically, the range of handles is wide and extensive that includes Bar Handles, Cross Bar Handles, Cabinet Handles, D Handles, Bow Handles, Flat Handles, Flush Handles, Pull Handles, Finger Pull Handles and more.

pull handles

Bead-board Cabinets

Bead-board cabinets will radiate a cottage feel, which blends flawlessly with cup pulls. As they have more details to glance at, simple and uncomplicated hardware will go with it impeccably.

Flat Panelled Cabinets

Flat panelled cabinets are often seen in modern kitchens. They have simple adornments to keep the centre of attention on natural materials. Minimalistic hardware pieces are best such as stainless steel bar pulls. You can choose a flat bar pull if you prefer square edges. A recessed pull will provide you handy options, which work well for kitchens having plenty of traffic. However, to achieve a simple look, you will have to consider discreet tab pulls for flat panelled cabinets.

Cabinet Handles – Metal Construction:

If you’re searching for something sleek, smooth and refined, then you need to choose cabinet handles having metal construction. Metal handles for kitchen cabinets and drawers come in an array of finishes such as brass, matte black, white satin, nickel and rose gold. These metal handles will look stunning, especially, for dark cabinetry.

Handles – Natural Timber Construction:

Solid timber handles are making the reappearance. The timber architectural hardware is stylish, simple and functional. In natural timber too, you get a variety of sizes, shapes and colours. Natural timber provides a feel of rustic life and every handle is distinctive, adding temperament and personality to space. Moreover, coloured handles are a fantastic way to add a bit of personality to space; the range has something to offer for all.


Knobs are a basic hardware for kitchen cabinets and drawers and they can be effortlessly replaced. Using a single screw, knobs are installed on cabinets. Knobs are available in different shapes, sizes and colours and they are made from various materials such as stainless steel, zinc, brass, stone, ceramic, marble and more.


Shaker Style Cabinets

Shaker style cabinets are a popular style of cabinets, offering great flexibility with the design and they work with bin/cup knobs. Shaker style cabinets have clean lines and they are known for minimalism, thus, simple hardware such as round knobs are often used. Nickel or traditional steel knobs, as well as, ceramic of vintage glass knobs are widely used.

Louvered Style Cabinets

Knobs perfectly work with louvered style cabinets and they are widely used. Louvered cabinets will have more particulars than a solid, plain cabinet. There is more to glance at, so louvered cabinets need more attention – that’s the reason people prefer simple or classic knobs to harmonise the cabinets.

Final Words

The cabinet styles mentioned here are just a couple of random selection to give you an idea as to when pull handles will be appropriate and when knobs will be the perfect option for your kitchen furniture. We hope this bit of information will help you to make a better selection when buying knobs and pull handles for your kitchen decor.


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