Classy & Practical Wood Handles for Cabinets, Drawers & Cupboards

Wood Handles for Cabinets

Classy & Practical Wood Handles for Cabinets, Drawers & Cupboards

Wood Handles for Cabinets

Wood handles are durable, functional and graceful, and they are the perfect adornment for your kitchen cabinets, drawers, cupboards and vanity furniture. Timber handles and knobs radiate sophistication, and they are versatile and lend warmth to any space. The loveliness of timber is in the changing features of natural grains, organic form, and tones.

The choicest collection of wooden handles and wooden knobs at Handles & More will produce a natural component of earthy tinges, creating distinctiveness and appeal that you would love.

What Style Do You Like?

The mid-century modern style gives prominence to clean lines blending organic forms and geometric shapes. Timber handles and knobs designed with a mid-century modern impression will add appeal, reviving any space. The extraordinary thing about mid-century modern style is that it will remain ageless, enduring all trends regardless of the time passed through.

Imitating the mid-century modern style, the design of each timber handle and knob gets distinctive minimalistic elements and shapes for added curiosity. The use of natural components, clean lines, modest style and functionality are indicative of modern Scandinavian interior designs. The modern Scandinavian style draws inspiration from the simple movement of neutral tones and modest interior and uses plenty of timber for its natural tones and raw grains. It is the ideal addition to any home that requires a rustic touch to even out the modest feel of neutral and modern materials. It aims at practicality and minimalism inspired by the association with nature, organic shapes and natural elements. Generally, timber is adaptable and ideal for varied styles that lend room to the natural feel and an ageless impression.

Uncover Handles & More’s Timber Handles and Knobs

Our wood cabinet handle collection is a blend of contemporary and unique designs, available in diverse sizes, styles and finishes. Our timber collection will add sophistication and warmth to your kitchen, laundry, bathroom and home furniture. Our wooden handles and knobs are trendy and practicable, add a natural glow to your space and an ideal natural accent creating a sense of texture and nostalgia.

The incredible timber collection is ultra-modern and ground-breaking while remaining seamlessly functional. ⁠⁠⁠The elegant wooden kitchen handles and knobs will create a sense of elegance, uplifting your ambience to new levels.

Need some fresh inspiration? Unwrap Handles & More’s wooden handles and wooden knobs now. If you want to clear your doubts or require assistance, feel free to call us at Handles and More on 02 9757 4400, and our expert and cordial team will be happy to assist you.

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