Hand Stretch Wrap Film: Versatile Applications and Uses

Hand strech bundling film

Hand Stretch Wrap Film: Versatile Applications and Uses

Hand Stretch Film

Stretch wrap film, also known as hand stretch film. Is a flexible plastic film created from linear low-density polyethylene, a type of plastic.

It is widely used by companies in various industries, including packaging and logistics for diverse purposes. There are multiple types of stretch film available with distinctive qualities and applications. Let’s explore them.

Different Types of Stretch Film

1. Cast stretch film:

This film is manufactured using a special process called cast extrusion. It offers excellent transparency allowing visibility through the plastic. This makes it useful for packaging items that need to be seen.

2. Hand stretch film

This film is designed to be manually applied without any machinery. This type of film is commonly used for packing smaller items or items in lower quantities.

3. Machine stretch film

This film requires the use of a stretch wrap machine for the application. It provides faster and more efficient packing. Minimising human errors during the process.

4. Blown stretch film

This film undergoes a rigorous manufacturing process known as blown extrusion. It possesses great strength and resistance against tears and punctures. Making it ideal for securing heavy or sharp items.

5. Pre-stretched film

The pre-stretched film has already been stretched multiple times and wound onto individual cores prior to sale. This helps reduce costs as you don’t need to use as much film when wrapping items.

6. Specialty films

These films are tailored to meet specific packaging needs. Examples include UV stretch film, colored stretch film, vented pallet wrap, and opaque black stretch wrap. These specialty films are utilised when standard films are not suitable.

In conclusion, various highly functional stretch films cater to different requirements in the packaging industry while ensuring efficient and effective results are achieved in protecting products during transportation or storage.

How Hand Stretch Film is Used in Different Industries

Stretch film is used by various industries to pack items of different sizes, weights, and dimensions. Here are a few examples:

Packaging and logistics: Companies involved in shipping and logistics use stretch film to secure and bundle items together. It makes handling and transportation easier and more efficient.

Food and beverage: The food and beverage industry uses machine stretch film to wrap canned goods, such as beer. This speeds up the packaging process and allows for easy stacking and storage.

Flooring installation and distribution: In the flooring industry, stretch film is used to protect materials like tiles, concrete, marble, granite, and porcelain. It helps prevent these materials from scratches or cracking during transport.

Hardware/Electronics: The tech industry uses special anti-static film to protect delicate hardware and electronic components from static, dirt, dust, and other particles that could damage them.

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