Buy Slide-Out Bins for Your Kitchen that’s Trendy & Elegant

Handles And More provide an array of trendy and elegant slide-out waste bin of the trusted brand Hafele that will seamlessly suit any kitchen. Hafele’s slide-out bin range offers the perfect solution for keeping your food preparation space spotless, keeping all waste out of the sight and in the slide-out bin securely.

Our Hafele pull out bin range come in different sizes to fit different kitchen size/design and they are available in the following variants:

  • Single slide out kitchen bin
  • Hailo MS swing single waste bin
  • Hafele double bin, bottom mounted pull out bin
  • Double slide out waste bin 
  • Hailo tandem S with/without door follower
  • Triple kitchen waste bin
  • Oska-H double waste bin
  • Samba tilt and slide pull out bin with options of carry-bag or glass container

Why should you choose slide-out bins for your kitchen?

Your kitchen will produce a great deal of waste and you would require a smart solution to manage it.

  • Different from your ordinary kitchen bin that just sits on the floor; a slide-out bin is installed on your kitchen cabinet to lend a hidden solution that makes more use of the unused space in your kitchen.
  • You can slide-out the hidden bin and effortlessly dispose of any kitchen waste, making it a convenient way to effectively manage your household waste.
  • It provides you with greater hygiene and sanitation, as all of your waste is covered and hidden – this reduces the exposure to potentially hazardous bacteria.
  • In addition, you won’t have to worry about smelly kitchen waste.
  • Moreover, it keeps the flies and other insects away from getting into your bin.
  • Above all, your kitchen will look pristine and orderly.