Buy Door Stops, Stoppers Online at Attractive Prices in Australia

Door stops referred to as door stoppers or door wedges, are used to hold doors open or to protect the doors and walls from getting damaged. A door stop can protect the plaster on the walls from getting worn-out or damaged, which can save you from repairs.

Handles & More offers an array of high-quality stainless steel door stops, which includes floor and wall mounted door stoppers, magnetic door stop for both residential and commercial applications. Our range of door stoppers is available in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes including bronze, brass, polished chrome, polished stainless steel, nickel and chrome-plated satin.

Floor Mounted Door Stops

Floor-mounted door stops are ideal for places that do not have a wall or skirting board to affix to. Floor mounted stoppers are mounted onto the floor and are more distinct. They can stop a door from opening into an area or banging with another object. A floor-mounted door stop averts a door handle from striking and damaging the wall or fixtures behind it. The sturdy rubber fender also provides excellent protection for door finishes. It’s highly recommended to install door stoppers for every door in your home.

Wall Mounted Door Stops

Wall bumpers safeguard walls and skirting board from getting into contact with the opening door. They are made out of plastic or rubber so that they do not damage the door. At Handles & More, you will get all types of door stops, be it wall-mounted, floor-mounted or door-mounted, round in shape or small in size, with an extra-long projection or hook.

Modern door stoppers are sturdy and reliable and designed to provide visual appeal. These aesthetic door stoppers blend practicality with timeless design, averting damage from a door slam and at the same time, adding that finishing touch to a heritage home.

Not sure which type of door stops you need, give a call to Handles & More on 02 9757 4400, and one of our expert and friendly team will be glad to assist you