Pull-Out Hideaway Laundry Hamper

Generally, many homes have limited space for laundry while others make it a part of their bathrooms. To solve space problems of such homeowners, Handles And More recommends installing hideaway laundry hamper in their laundry or bathrooms under the cupboard or basin. Not only will it save on space but also will give a neat and tidy look to your laundry or bathroom space.

Handles And More supplies high-quality pull-out laundry hampers and compact laundry baskets, perfect for a modest laundry or bathroom space, as it can be easily installed under the basin or within the cabinet.

Trendy Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

wall-mounted ironing board is an excellent add-on for your laundry space. It can help you get your clothes ironed and ready to wear. At Handles and More, we supply durable, handy and easy-to-store iron boards. Moreover, you can hide away your ironing board so it’s not seen or obstruct the way when guests come over and it’s only visible when you’re using it.

It can be effortlessly fixed to the wall using supplied screws. Iron board is available with or without front cotton cover in natural white and grey stripes. It’s foldable, 180° rotatable to left or right and lockable. It comes with steel fittings and a white powder coat finish for toughness.

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