Buy Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Online at the Best Prices in Australia

Handles and More provides compact, handy lighting solutions to light up your kitchen. It will easily fit into a small kitchen space and provide task lighting or accent lighting, and you can choose from a diverse range that includes:

  • Kitchen Cabinet LED light
  • Under-cabinet LED lighting
  • Mini gimbal cabinet downlight
  • LED strip lights
  • LED mini downlight

You can fit kitchen led lights in cove spaces, under kitchen cabinets, or in other places around the kitchen. You can choose a fully recessed or surface mounted downlight, so it will provide a neat look and won’t come in your way.

Aluminium Channels for LED Strip Lighting

LED strip light channels serve different purposes. LED aluminium channels are known as LED channel strip diffusers or aluminium extrusion. It helps shield the LED strip from any needless contact and thus, enhances its longevity. Aluminium is a good conductor of heat and electricity and helps disperse the heat produced by high output LED strip lights, ensuring they endure their lifespan. It is easy to mount aluminium channels in diverse positions and locations, surface-mounted or recessed, letting the LED strip slip in and reside inside the channels. With the frosted diffuser, aluminium channels provide better light dispersion wherein light is diffused and spread evenly. Aluminium channels curtail the glare of direct LED strip lights and decrease hot spots.

At Handles and More, we stock an array of beautiful LED aluminium profiles in diverse sizes, shapes and colours. If you’re not sure which kitchen LED lighting would be perfect for your kitchen, then pick up your phone, and give us a call at Handles and More on 02 9757 4400, and our LED lighting expert will reveal the options that might be best for your kitchen.