Must-Have Wardrobe Fittings & Accessories to Optimise Every Nook
Must-Have Wardrobe Fittings & Accessories

Must-Have Wardrobe Fittings & Accessories to Optimise Every Nook

The integrated accessories distinguish an ordinary wardrobe from a high-quality and practical one. These accessories facilitate the neat and organised storage of your belongings and ensure easy accessibility, greatly simplifying your daily life. In this guide, we’ve compiled a selection of top-notch accessories to elevate your wardrobe to an intelligent and efficient storage solution. While numerous companies offer such products, we’ll introduce you to the most sought-after brands known for their exceptional quality and aesthetic appeal.

Must-Have Wardrobe Accessories 

The wardrobe accessories and fittings below can help you create an organized and stylish storage solution tailored to your needs. 

Pull-out Trouser Racks

If you’ve ever longed for a more efficient way to organise your trousers and quickly find the perfect pair, this wardrobe accessory is the solution. These horizontally positioned trouser racks attach to the back of the wardrobe, providing a tidy and organised system for hanging multiple trousers.

Customisable Shelves and Dividers

Bid farewell to wasted space with shelves and dividers that can be easily adjusted. You can reconfigure these versatile fixtures to accommodate a variety of items, ranging from shoes and handbags to neatly folded clothes and accessories. Adjustable dividers help create distinct sections within your wardrobe, ensuring that different categories of items remain separated and easily accessible.

Wardrobe Drawer Organiser

To keep track of small accessories like watches, jewellery, belts, keys, and other essentials that often find themselves lost in the chaos, wardrobe drawer dividers offer an ideal solution for storing these items in an orderly manner.

Pull-out Ironing Board for Wardrobes

Why allocate space to a standalone ironing board in the corner of your room when you can opt for a space-saving and aesthetically pleasing solution? Handles and More offers premium wardrobe fittings and accessories to help you transition to a pull-out ironing board that seamlessly slides into your wardrobe. With the flexibility to rotate 180 degrees left and right, you can easily pull out this board for use and push back in when not in use.

Pull-out Wardrobe Mirror

Say goodbye to traditional, space-consuming dressing mirrors and tables. Handles and More presents a stylish and classy solution – the wardrobe mirror pull-out. Easily accessible when needed, this mirror can be conveniently stowed away when not in use, adding an elegant touch to your wardrobe.

Sliding Door System with Soft-Closing Feature

A soft-closing sliding door system is crucial to our wardrobe, offering a silent and seamless door movement. This system is designed to enhance the user experience by preventing noisy door slams and ensuring a gentle, controlled closing motion.

The soft-closing mechanism is crucial in this system, typically featuring shock absorbers installed within the track or on the door itself. These components regulate the speed and force of the door’s closure. The mechanism activates as the door nears the closed position, gradually slowing the door’s movement and guaranteeing a soft and quiet closure.

Shoe Organiser

Avoid the clutter of scattered shoes by incorporating a shoe rack into your wardrobe. These racks conceal your shoes and uniformly arrange them for easy access. In the market, you can find a variety of shoe racks, ranging from premium to budget-friendly options in terms of quality and price.

Advantages of Premium Wardrobe Fittings

Opting for top-notch wardrobe fittings, offered by Hettich and Hafele, yields numerous advantages for both your wardrobe and overall living environment:

  • Seamless Operation: Enjoy a smooth experience with soft-sliding doors and user-friendly accessories, enhancing the overall functionality of your wardrobe.
  • Enhanced Organisation: Quality fittings facilitate efficient organisation within your wardrobe, streamlining the process of locating and accessing your clothes and accessories.
  • Space Optimisation: Utilising sliding door fittings and meticulously designed accessories maximises available space, even in more confined closets.
  • Durability: High-quality fittings are made for longevity, reducing the frequency of replacements and repairs, thus ensuring a reliable and enduring solution.
  • Higher Property Value: Well-organised and thoughtfully designed closets can enhance the value of your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: These fittings enhance the overall aesthetics of your wardrobe, increasing the visual charm of your living space.

Options for Personalising Your Wardrobe 

One of the standout advantages of selecting Hettich and Hafele wardrobe fittings is the opportunity for customisation to meet your needs. Whether you have a walk-in closet, a reach-in wardrobe, or a built-in closet, these brands offer an extensive array of options to suit your space.

Customisation lets you choose your wardrobe fittings’ style, size, and configuration. You can creatively blend different components to craft a closet that perfectly aligns with your storage requirements. Furthermore, the diverse range of materials and finishes guarantees that your wardrobe fittings integrate with your interiors flawlessly.

Final Thoughts

Wardrobe fittings are imperative for maintaining a well-organised closet. The selection of these fittings can profoundly influence your wardrobe’s overall functionality, aesthetics, and durability. Esteemed brands like Hettich and Hafele provide premium wardrobe fittings, covering sliding door hardware and accessories tailored to diverse design preferences and storage requirements.

Investing in high-quality wardrobe fittings goes beyond enhancing the organisation and efficiency of your daily life; it also adds value to your home. Whether you’re contemplating a wardrobe transformation or constructing a new closet, explore the premium offerings from Hettich and Hafele to enhance your wardrobe to a higher level of style, functionality and ease of use.

If you need help optimising your wardrobe space, contact Handles and More for a free consultation and quote for the best wardrobe accessories and their installation.


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