How to Buy a New Kitchen Bin? An Easy Guide!

Kitchen Bin Buying Guide

How to Buy a New Kitchen Bin? An Easy Guide!

Kitchen Bin Buying Guide

Nowadays, space-saving slide-out bins or pull-out kitchen bins are ideal for managing waste, and they are efficient, practical and stylish.

What types of incorporated bins are the most practical to use?

  • If you have a small kitchen, you might only have a single option of a sink bin. It is a smaller pull-out bin placed beneath and within the sink cabinet. These are smaller compared to a full-sized cabinet because the sink cabinet has only limited space within.
  • If you have a large, top-mounted pull-out bin positioned below your kitchen island where you prepare meals, then this style facilitates you to scrape food scraps straight into the waste bin, which means less mess on the floor.
  • And small kitchen bins are ideal for people who would like to empty their bins every day.

How many compartments do you require in your bin?

It depends on how much waste you generate daily – and would you like to integrate a compost bin in the set-up separating bins for paper and glass. Well, you will require two sizeable kitchen bins, one for putting rubbish and another one for recycling. If you want to include a compost bin, then ensure it has a well-sealed lid.

What size is ideal for the kitchen bin?

  • It depends on the number of members in your household – if your house has more than two people, you will require larger waste bins if you don’t want to empty them two or three times a day.
  • For larger families, a 64-litre bin capacity having two 32-litre bins and a 450-millimetre wide cabinet door front would be ideal.

Waste bins will fill up quickly; thus, it is good to buy a bigger size than what you need. If you are concerned about the nasty smell, empty your bin more often, even if it is not filled up or half-full. Besides, it is beneficial to have a large recycling bin.

Hailo Euro Cargo ST45: A 76-litre capacity waste bin with two large waste bins and a front panel drawer width of 450 millimetres is best suited for families – for instance, the Häfele Hailo Euro Cargo ST45. Larger kitchen bins add convenience, as you won’t have to take out the waste often.

Ninka Cabinet Bins: Ninka cabinet bins are also worthy consideration, as they provide a range of compartment tubs in diverse sizes that are easy to take out of the frame and carry away, as well as wash and clean it. They also facilitate an internal drawer above, and it is a welcome place to store your bin liners and cleaning equipment.

Conversely, if you stay alone and do not generate much waste, a smaller bin may be handy for you to manage.

What features should you look for in a pull-out kitchen bin system?

  • Superior quality plastic tubs for effortless cleaning.
  • High weight capacity runners.
  • And soft-closing runners.

What is the correct placement for an integrated bin?

It is best to position your integrated bin near your cooktop and next to your sink and dishwasher for the utmost practicality. This arrangement will let you discard packages or waste items while you’re cooking or scrape off food waste easily before loading the dishwasher.

It is not advisable to place the bin where someone often stands – for instance, never place the waste bin under the cooktop or sink directly. So it is best to place the waste bin on the outer periphery of the kitchen so that anyone can access it without requiring to come deep inside the kitchen.

Are kitchen bins available with lids?

Kitchen bins with lids and handles are available too. The waste bin lid keeps the flies out and smells within, but it also has a drawback – It is not as functional as it should be, as you will have to lift the lid each time you want to throw the waste inside.

Are all integrated waste bins the same?

All integrated waste bins are identical but build quality may differ. Some brands don’t integrate Blum’s drawer runners, which is one of the best. So look out for Blum’s drawer runners when shopping for an integrated kitchen bin.

Are there any styles or shapes to avoid?

Avoid small circular bins connected to the inside of the cabinet doors because it is not possible to scrape food residual from the benchtop directly into them. Besides, avoid freestanding kitchen bins because they can mess up your floor space and won’t look good.

Is there anything new in bin opening systems?

Blum’s Servo-Drive is an electric opening system that is innovative, and it lets you open and closes the bin drawer with only a push of your foot or knee. It is ideal when your hands are full.

Is there any other add on worth considering?

If you like, you can consider adding an inner drawer just above the waste bin, but within the body of the waste bin wherein, you can store your bin liners/ garbage disposal bags.

Are there any other considerations?

  • Know the available space first, then accordingly, buy the waste bin that perfectly fits inside it.
  • If you want to add a unique touch to your kitchen, consider upgrading to a colourful top-mounted bin.
  • Don’t get a kitchen waste bin that requires two actions to access; for instance, you will need to open the drawer or cupboard first and then open the lid to access.

Choose high-quality kitchen waste bins!

Ensure the waste bins you select are durable, lightweight and effortless to detach, as you will have to pull the entire waste bin out of the runners often for cleaning.

Don’t forget to check out the Handles and More website if you’re looking for durable and stylish slide-out or pull-out waste bins of the choicest brands for your home!

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