How to Choose the Right Door Stops for Your Home?

Types of Door Stops

How to Choose the Right Door Stops for Your Home?

Types of Door Stops

The purpose of fitting door stops (aka door stoppers) on the door is to safeguard the wall behind the door, from getting damaged by frequent opening and closing of the door due to wind. Besides, it helps to protect the door’s hardware. Today, you can buy door-stop online from a variety of door stops that include wall-mounted door stops and floor-mounted door stops. That brings us to the crucial question – what type of door-stops will be perfect for your home.

Here are the Seven Different Types of Door Stoppers for Homes.

1. Floor Mount:

Due to robust metal construction, a floor-mounted door stop will resist regular impacts from use. Thanks to the pre-drilled holes, it is easy to mount. Besides, low-profile alternatives are available to lower any swinging hazard in busy areas.

2. Wall or Door Mount:

You can mount wall or door mount stops on the door or on the wall that would possibly make contact. These stops are common and adaptable, and they are available in heavy-duty, aluminium, coiled-spring or angled.

3. Wall Mount Door Stops:

Wall-mounted door stops include a metal mounting body and plate with a convex or concave rubber bumper. It is easy to install these stops, and they won’t infringe on any floor space. Pair these stops with a lever or doors knob and get a lasting safeguard for door hardware and walls.

4. Roller Stops:

Roller stops configured between two doors to protect them from harming one another. Rubber roller will facilitate doors to move and function seamlessly without the danger of pushing one knob through the other door. Curved and straight alternatives available for different mounting choices.

5. Hinge Mount:

You can install hinge-mounted door stops on a door’s current hinges that provide safeguard without the need for floor or wall mounting. Besides, hinge mounts are perfect for bathrooms where door travel presents the risk of banging a vanity or toilet.

6. Keepers:

Keepers designed to hold doors open in public places, and often they form a part of a protective door stop. Generally, keepers take the shape of an added hook and latch but can get as modest as a kick-down door stop. Keepers are best to enhance handiness in busy areas while providing a safeguard against bangs.

7. Adhesive Back:

Adhesive back door stops intended to be flexible the way they mount. You need to peel the adhesive’s back and stick to walls, cabinets or anywhere that has the threat of being hit by a door.

Final Words

Door-stops generally comes with a protective rubber bumper or rubber tip. Intended to lower noise and protect the door’s finish from likely damages, many stoppers manufactured from cast steel or brass to provide lasting protection during daily use in busy areas.

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