Is Single Bowl or Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Best for You?

Is Single Bowl or Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Best for You

Is Single Bowl or Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Best for You?

Is Single Bowl or Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Best for You

Are you building a new kitchen and home or renovating your existing kitchen? As with everything else, you will also have to choose between a single bowl and double bowl kitchen sink. Not sure which type of sink will best suit your needs and kitchen aesthetics. No problem, this blog will reveal all the details (pros and cons) you need to know about single and double bowl sinks to choose the best sink for your kitchen.

Advantages of Single Bowl Kitchen Sinks:

Single bowl kitchen sink

  • Single bowl kitchen sinks are best suited for small kitchens.
  • The clear space facilitates you to manage to fill and wash bigger pots and pans effortlessly.
  • Typically, they are less pricey to purchase and install than double-bowl sinks.

Drawbacks of Single Bowl Kitchen Sinks:

  • It does not facilitate multitasking – for instance, prep food and washing dishes simultaneously.
  • If two cooks work simultaneously, then a single bowl is not suitable.

Advantages of Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks:

Double bowl kitchen sink

  • Double bowl sinks are available in different shapes with varied bowls and depth sizes.
  • When you place a drying rack in one bowl, it frees up counter space.
  • The partition barrier between bowls can support big vessels while you fill them.
  • It facilitates washing dishes in one sink and using the second sink for rinsing. Today, you have automatic dishwashers – so this advantage won’t appeal to you.
  • With two sink bowls, you can delay one task – for instance, immerse dishes in one sink and use the second sink for something else.
  • You can place accessories such as cutting boards and strainers over one sink bowl and increase the possible uses for the sink.

Drawbacks of Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks:

  • If the water coming out of the faucet does not cover both sinks, then it can get harder to use and clean the sink.
  • Larger pans won’t easily fit into a double bowl sink. Double bowl sinks are not sufficiently large to wash large pots and vessels. Many of them are not adequately large to let them dip.
  • Most of the double sinks won’t be practicable in small kitchens.
  • Double sink basins might be somewhat pricier than single basin sinks; however, the price variance may be negligible for similar quality or materials.
  • The installation cost for double sinks is on the higher side. And each of the drains needs a pipe leading to the sewage system.

Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

A decent sized single bowl is ideal for a kitchen with limited counter space, and they are available in various sizes up to 30-inches in length (the measure for front of the benchtop).

Large Double-Bowl Kitchen Sink

Do you have a long spread out open benchtop? A large double-bowl sink will perfectly fit in. A two-bowl sink can go up to 33 inches lengthwise. Double bowl sinks come in different split sizes, such as 70:30 or 60:40 and the depth of these basins also differs.

Corner Two-Bowl Kitchen Sink

If a kitchen has a corner for sink installation from where the benchtop makes a turn, it is perfect for specially designed two-bowl sinks, typically in stainless steel material. Each bowl bridges the corner of the benchtop – it may not be the most convenient space for a sink from a usage perspective, but sometimes it may be the only available option.

Material for Kitchen Sinks

Single and double-bowl sinks are available in popular materials such as stainless steel, granite or copper aggregates, solid-surface material and enamelled cast iron.

 Wrapping Up

  • If you aim to keep your kitchen sink clean at all times and be able to wash and clean larger pots and pans, then opt for a single bowl sink.
  • Do you want your kitchen sink to facilitate two uses simultaneously? A double bowl kitchen sink would be best. Furthermore, two sinks are handy as it allows two persons to work simultaneously, standing side by side.

Need a professional recommendation for selecting between a double bowl and single bowl kitchen sink, call us at Handles and More on 02 9757 4400, and we will be happy to assist you. Also, you can enquire using our ‘contact us’ web form.

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