Why Place Led Strip Lights Into Aluminium Profiles?

Why Place Led Strip Lights Into Aluminium Profiles

Why Place Led Strip Lights Into Aluminium Profiles?

Led Strip Lights Profiles

LED strip lights are the most flexible light sources available today. These LED strip lights come with peel and stick back so you can stick them on any surface. At times, the LED tape needs a more permanent fastening or needs concealing so that they remain out of sight. A simple solution to this is to set it in an aluminium profile. These are not the only reasons for using LED profiles; let us delve deeper to uncover.

Aluminium LED Strip Light Profiles

Aluminium LED strip light profiles are robust, hollow or semi-hollow shaped aluminium pieces designed to protect LED strip light from mechanical damage. Furthermore, they can be used for providing the finishing touches in even the most intricate lighting projects. A LED profile conceals the strip without hiding its light. You cannot see the individual tubes, but the light shines ceaselessly.

The terms – aluminium profile and aluminium extrusion – are used interchangeably – it refers to the same product. LED lights in different colours and styles are available, and it is easier to select the matching ones for your project.

The Different Types of LED Profile

LED strip light profiles are categorised into four groups – (1) recessed, (2) corner-mounted, (3) surface-mounted and (4) architectural.

1. Recessed Profiles

Recessed profile

Recessed profiles are fantastic for lights on walls, floor and ceiling, and under-lighting of cabinets and shelves. They provide your LED tape with a more refined look with their diffuser covers and can be incorporated into different interior designs and decors. Available in standardised sizes, they can be cut to length.

2. Corner-Mounted Profiles

Corner profile

Corner-mounted profiles are designed to fit in 90-degree angle corners. Though 45° is the most standard option, various models let the light shine out at 30°, 45° and 60° angles. Their diffuser covers allow you to create a smooth light bar effect. They are commonly used for ceilings and floor corners, but they work exceptionally well under kitchen cabinets, shelves and cupboards. Readily available in standardised lengths, they can be cut for your specific needs.

3. Surface-Mounted Profiles

Surface mounted profiles

Surface-mounted profiles can be placed on the surfaces of ceilings, walls, cupboards, cabinets and even on floor boundaries. It also looks fantastic for under-shelf or under-cabinet lighting. This type of profile provides your tape with a light and sleek look, ideal for office space or visible locations particularly, high-diffused cover models. Surface-mounted profiles are easier to put on, cut and fit together. And you can even make a one-piece continuous line-lighting effect with them. Readily available in standardised one or two-metre sizes, they can be easily cut as per your requirements.

4. Architectural Profiles

Architectural profiles

Architectural profiles consist of special-shaped LED extrusions, and they are used for particular applications; they are available in round, flat and T-shaped. Architectural LED extrusions are ideal for any lighting project you can imagine. They render superior and classy protection for the LED tape on stairs, walls, wardrobes, living rooms and displays. Architectural profiles are excellent for anyone who wants to experiment with lighting or create unique modern-looking interiors.

Why Should You Use LED Profiles?

Although the chief reason is to shield and extend LED strip lights longevity, aluminium extrusions bring you many advantages. Here are the crucial ones:

  • It makes cleaning easier: You can keep your light source clean and pleasant with a LED extrusion.
  • Light directing: It is easier to direct the light using a LED profile. You only have to select the right-angled one for your project.
  • Reflection consistency: A LED profile’s diffuser creates a coherent dot free reflection. LED diffuser distributes light evenly from LEDs on the edge of the screen, so there are no bright spots near them. LED diffusers are available in milky and frosted surface finishes.
  • Heat Absorption: LED tape generates heat (far less than incandescent lights) that aluminium profile can absorb, shielding your wood or wood-like surfaces from a fire hazard.
  • Firm Placement: LED strip will not remain in place perpetually, as the glue will weaken in time. You can place your LED strip in an aluminium profile and permanently mount it in the desired location without worrying that it will come off.

The Bottom Line

LED profiles or extrusions will shield your LED lights from any mechanical damage adding style. It will make the LED lights less visible without affecting the quality of their light. It is an ideal way to illuminate your home or workspace in style.

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