Modern Kitchen Waste Bins: Which One Suits Your Needs Perfectly

Types of Waste Bins

Modern Kitchen Waste Bins: Which One Suits Your Needs Perfectly

Types of Waste Bins

Waste bins are an integral part of every kitchen that facilitates you to keep your kitchen clean and maintain good hygiene. When choosing a waste bin, you need to consider convenience (easy to use), durability and the material that does not corrode. In this post, we’ll discuss different types of kitchen waste bins in brief, which will ease your task of choosing the right one for your needs.

1. Flip Top Waste Bins

The flip-top is a sturdy waste bin and you can grab it for a very little spend. They often come in an array of colours to match your kitchen space. These flip tops are very affordable, durable and easy to use waste bins.

Flip Top Bin

2. Fitted Kitchen Waste Bins

If you don’t want to see the waste bin or don’t want it to be visible inside the kitchen then fitted kitchen waste bins are an excellent choice. Thus, the bin will remain out of sight yet it’s handier to get to and effortless to fit. Besides, you can also use these bins for other use such as for keeping pet food or to store other things.

Fitted Kitchen Waste Bin

3. Waste Bins with Top Touch

Waste bins with top touch are a deviation on the pedal. They are simpler to use as you just have to place your fingers on the lid’s opening area to open. Compared to pedals, these are simpler to use and some designs are much quieter. The touch top lid remains open without you having to place your hand over it.

Touch Top Bin

4. Trendy & Elegant Kitchen Pedal Bins

Pedal bins are elegant and trendier than other available options and they come in an array of sizes and designs to suit any type of kitchen. They are extremely easy to use and to clean and are very handy. Besides, they are available in many shapes including slim, square, round and rectangle, and will fit the majority of kitchen spaces.

Pedal Bin

5. Automatic Kitchen Bins with a Sensor

Automatic kitchen bins are very hygienic and simple to use. On some models, you don’t even have to remember to close the lid because they close automatically. When putting in rubbish, you don’t have to touch the bin at all as these are very hygienic to use. So, you don’t have to wash your hands often and they are very easy to clean.

Sensor bin

6. Pull-Out Kitchen Bins

If you have the cupboard space then these pull-out kitchen bins are perfect. You can also fit two bins, so you can use one for recycling if you want to. They are a good size and remain nicely hidden from the view. Once the frame is fitted in place, the waste bins can be effortlessly lifted in and out. Simpler to install, some come well-assembled the moment you buy them. Pull-out kitchen waste bins are a better choice for the elderly and the disabled; they are a better choice as they are easy to use.

Intergrated kitchen waste bin

7. Corner Kitchen Waste Bins

Kitchen waste bin container for a corner is perfect if you have a small or compact space. This arrangement is ideal for keeping your waste bin away and at the same time, utilising an otherwise useless corner space.

8. Slim Kitchen Waste Bins

Slim kitchen waste bins are fantastic space savers that are ideal for a small modern kitchen. Besides, they fit into a corner quite well. They are available in a variety of price ranges from low to high. Moreover, you can also have a choice of options that blend with the other types like touch top or pedal. For ease of movement, some slim kitchen waste bins even come with wheels. They come with decent capacity and are space savings as well.

Slim kitchen bin

9. Double Kitchen Waste Bins

Double kitchen waste bins are perfect for those who want an eco-friendly option so they can recycle effortlessly or for those having larger volumes of waste. Thus, it’s better suited for those who want the capability to store their recycling without having to make trips to the garage or outside. It’s a fantastic option for families that generate plenty of waste.

Double waste bin

10. Kitchen Waste Recycling Bins

Kitchen waste recycling bins are small handheld bins that are simple to pick up and pop into the compost pile. Available in diverse styles and shapes, these kitchen waste recycling bins are available in a range of simple lift-off lid containers to pedals. This makes recycling simpler and assists to lower waste – in this way, your household can play a vital role in protecting the environment.

What Are the Things You Need To Keep In Mind When Buying Waste Bin for Your Kitchen?

Where you’re planning To Keep Your Bin?

Different kinds of bins are suited for different types of locations. The most commonly used locations are in or under the cupboard, or in a corner outside the kitchen area.

Available Space in Your Kitchen & Where the Waste Bin Will Fit Perfectly

Do you want to place the waste bin in a cupboard or have it free-standing? Accordingly, the type and size of the waste bin you need will change. Maybe you have a corner and can fit a corner waste bin instead.

The Design & Shape of the Waste Bin

For picking the design and shape of the waste bin, you need to answer some basic questions such as:

  • Does the look of the bin appeal to you?
  • Do you like its design and colour?
  • Will it serve your purpose?

How Functional Is It

You need to consider about how handy it is for daily use:

  • Is it simple to put waste without bending?
  • Is it very light to move when it is full?
  • Is it simple to open and close?
  • Is it effortless to clean?
  • Is there any noise when opening and closing the lid? If yes, is it irritating?
  • How thick is the plastic? Can it be easily broken?
  • Does it come with an integrated bucket? Does it have ventilation holes to avert a vacuum?
  • Does it have a well-built handle if applicable?
  • Is it durable? Consider the thickness of the plastic?
  • Is it child and pet-friendly?
  • Can the material corrode?

What Are The Preferred Materials?

Both stainless steel and plastic are trendy bin materials. If you are thinking about plastic material, then look at what type of plastic is being used and how durable it is.

Is it hygienic?

It would be better if you’re not required to touch the surface when putting in the waste. Compared to a flip lid, it is better to get a lid that opens with a pedal and sensor lids.

Final Words

These are the ten types of kitchen waste bins that are in trend. Whether it is slide-out waste bin, pull-out kitchen bins, touch top, flip top, pedal bin or automatic kitchen bin with sensor, you need to choose the one that’s handy for you and your family members to use, durable and at the same time, see to it that the material does not corrode.

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