Why Should You Opt For A Handleless Kitchen?

Handleless Kitchen

Why Should You Opt For A Handleless Kitchen?

Handleless Kitchen

Homeowners love the clean and minimalist charm of seamless kitchen cabinetry and design advancements. Opting for a handleless kitchen is easier than ever before. Handleless is becoming a highly coveted option for those who want sleek and simple-looking kitchen cabinetry and furnishings. From protruded cabinet doors and concealed finger pulls to a push-to-open mechanism, you have diverse options to get rid of the handles in your new or renovated kitchen. 

Here we’ll reveal the options for your new or renovated handleless kitchen: 

Genuinely Handleless

A handleless kitchen cabinet does not have a built-in handle; instead, a rail behind the drawer or door creates space for fingers to hold and pull open the cabinets. They can be made to open either from the top or the side. The continuous rail means that the kitchen woodwork remains constant, with continuous lines throughout the space. It is an excellent option for narrower or smaller spaces, as you can use deep cabinets best by fitting pull-out drawers. And there is no need to facilitate an overhang of your benchtop.

Elevated Cabinet Door

Elevated cabinet doors protrude further than the cabinet’s internal elements, producing a lip that lets you pull them open and close. It is a simple option to apply; however, some may not like the protruded look that disrupts the lines of your kitchen. The push-to-touch mechanism can also be fitted on your overheads for a sleek finish.

Push-to-Open Doors & Cabinets

Depending on your budget, you can use push-to-open electric or magnetic mechanics. The smoothness of this profile creates uninterrupted, unbroken lines throughout the space. Furthermore, this cabinet style works well for home offices, entertainment units, wardrobes and study rooms. In this style, you must be careful about the accumulation of fingerprints, which can be noticeable depending on the finish. It is best to avoid push-to-touch cabinets for any surface that often gets leaned on or stood in front of cupboards under the sink, as the pressure will activate the open mechanism.

Moulded Finger Pulls

The moulded finger pull style is also known as shark tooth pulls. It has a channel routed into the top edge of the drawer or door, making a small lip. No extra hardware is required for this style, making it a viable solution for most kitchens. However, the cabinet’s lip may not be easy to grip for those having larger hands because the gap can be very narrow. Furthermore, the gap may collect dirt over time and need regular cleaning.

Aluminium Finger Pulls

Aluminium pulls include a J-shape handle in a piece of moulded aluminium, applied to the top of each drawer and door front. It looks just like moulded finger pulls. Aluminium finger pull handles create a sleek effect, but they do not gel with every material as they need a small channel to be routed into the top of the kitchen woodwork. 

The Cost

A handleless kitchen typically costs 25% to 45% more despite lesser hardware. It gets expensive due to the requirement of additional parts such as magnets or railings, installation resources, and the added labour required to make the custom woodwork. Though handleless kitchens have higher upfront costs, they offer contemporary styling that will look flawless for many years. If renovating your kitchen, go for the handleless kitchen to adorn a timeless look.

When you are ready to renovate or build the new kitchen of your dreams, contact Handles and More to uncover a wide range of stylish kitchen handles and handleless options for your kitchen cabinetry and wood furnishings.

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