How to Choose Functional Door Lever Handles for Your Home?

How to choose door lever handles for your home

How to Choose Functional Door Lever Handles for Your Home?

How to choose door lever handles for your home

Are you thinking about which type of door handles you should consider for the different doors of your home? Well, begin by thinking of the functionality you require in your door handles, and accordingly, you will unlock the best door handles for every door in your home. That means you may need a different type of lever door handle for your front door, bedroom, wardrobe, bathroom etc.

We have nailed down and explained four types of lever door handles that offers different functionality and are common in Aussie homes. We hope this handy guide will help you find the functional lever handle for your door, so without any delay, let us jump over to the main topic.

1. Keyed Lever Handle

The keyed lever handle is meant for locking and opening a door with a key, and they are ideal for exterior doors. Besides, they are perfect for doors connecting the interior rooms that need more security, like an office. Moreover, some keyed lever door handle sets are integrated with an unlocking function where they can be opened from the inside through a key or thumb turn. It lets you exit quickly and handily and return inside easily.

2. Privacy Lever Handle

Privacy lever handle sets are used where the locking function is needed. They come with snibs or thumb turns to allow you to lock from the inside and has an integrated emergency release access slot or hole on the outside – used for rooms that need privacy from others, such as en-suite, bathroom, bedroom doors etc.

3. Dummy Door Lever Handle

Dummy door lever handles are non-turning door levers – used for pulling or as decorative door pulls often noticed on interior French doors, pantry doors, linen cupboards, or wardrobes. Dummy lever handles are fixed to a door to lend the door with a handle, so it can be pulled open without turning. And to let the door stay closed, you may need a door catch like a T37 roller catch or a magnet catch.

4. Passage Lever Handle

Passage lever handle sets are used for doors that require only latching without the locking feature. Upon pushing down the lever arm, it lets the door open, and the latch closes the door when it needs to shut. The tongue of the latch pops out that aids in keeping the door closed. Passage lever handles are excellent for rooms like kids bedrooms, laundries and closets.

The Bottom Line

We believe the options we have pegged down here for door handles will help you make your decision easier. Lever door handles are convenient and easier to operate, and it is a boon for people who have limited hand mobility or arthritis.

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