Functional & Stylish Door Handles for Your Home!

Types of door handles

Functional & Stylish Door Handles for Your Home!

Types of door handles

Are you renovating your home or painting it to give a fresh new look? You may also want to update your door handles to complete your home makeover in style. Here, we will reveal the different types of door handles so you can select the ones that fit your needs.

Door handles are divided into three main categories viz.:

1.    Door Pull Handles

2.    Lever Door Handles &

3.    Door Knobs

At Handles and More, we supply door handles and door knobs in diverse styles and finishes, making it effortless to fulfil all your different requirements, lending the perfect finishing touch to any home interiors.

Lever Door Handles

Lever door handles are one of the most common types of door handles used in residential houses, commercial and public properties. Lever handles are divided into two main categories viz. (1) lever handles on rose and (2) lever handles on backplate. If you like traditional door handles, then choose lever handles that sit on a backplate. Lever handles come in three main operating mechanisms, including lever latch, lever lock and lever bathroom.

Lever door handles

  • Lever Latch: Lever handle with lever latch mechanism is used mainly for interior doors that do not require locking. It is easy to operate – push down the door handle, and the door will open.
  • Lever Lock: Lever lock features a keyhole to operate the door handle, offering privacy and security, often integrated with a mortice lock.
  • Lever Bathroom: Lever bathroom often is used on bathroom and bedroom doors where privacy is required. This lever features a thumb turn lock that can be locked or unlocked with ease from the inside by turning the snib, and it can be unlocked from the outside too by turning the coin slot in an emergency.
  • Lever Privacy: Lever privacy handles has the same functionality as the lever bathroom type. A locking mechanism is reinforced into the handle. To lock the door, all it takes is to turn the snib on the door handle. It can be unlocked using a key from the outside too. And in most cases, the mortise plate is not reinforced. Lever privacy handles are best for bedrooms, as it offers privacy and security and gives access from the outside only to the key holder.

Door Pull Handles

Door pull handles do not come integrated with the locking mechanism. They do not require latches and latch strikes. They are for doors that only need to open and close. They are perfect for passage doors or any other doors that need to open with a pull or push. This handle type is available with the following variants:

  • Pull Handles with Bolt: This pull handle type uses a bolt that passes through the door and is secured by a nut at the opposite side.
  • Face Fix Handles: Face fix pull handles come with visible screw fixing.
  • Passage Handles: Passage door handles are commonly used in hallways or closets.
  • Pull Handles on a Backplate: This type of pull handle adorn a traditional look and are ideal for both external and internal single and double doors. Some variants of these pull handles are best suited for commercial use with engraved pull and push plates.
  • Kitchen Handles: Pull door handles often are used on kitchen doors for ease of access.
  • Pull Handles on Rose: This pull handle type is fastened into a round rose, and they provide a modish and stylish look to any door.
  • Back to Back Pull Handles: These pull handles are fitted back-to-back on the entrance and internal doors. They are perfect for offices, restaurants, hotels and other commercial buildings.
  • Flush Pull Handles: The handle is fitted evenly on the sliding door panel to enable recess into the door cavity. The internal edges of the recessed sliding door handles will have a smooth aesthetic finish.

Door Knobs

Usually, round door knobs rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise to open a door. They are used for internal doors as a substitute for lever handles. Besides, centre door knobs are used as a functional and cosmetic piece to pull entrance doors. The different types of door knobs are as follows:

Door knobs

Passage Door Knobs: Passage door knobs are used in hallways or rooms that do not need privacy. They function with a latch, and the handle needs rotation to open the door.

Dummy Door Knobs: Pull dummy door knobs to open the door. They are used on wardrobe doors and cabinet doors.

Keyed Entry Door Knobs: Keyed entry door knobs come integrated with a lock and key mechanism on both sides of the door. They are perfect for any room that needs to be secure.

Privacy Door Knobs: Privacy door knobs come with a twist lock that only operates from one side, perfect for bedroom and bathroom doors. Besides, unlocking them from the outside is possible in an emergency.

Voila, the different types of door handles and knobs! We hope this informative guide will help you choose the best-suited door handles and door knobs for your home.

Buy Durable & Appealing Door Handles

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