Kitchen Cabinet Handles & Finishes — A Comprehensive Guide!
Kitchen Cabinet Handles - A Comprehensive Guide

Kitchen Cabinet Handles & Finishes — A Comprehensive Guide!

Kitchen Cabinet Handles - A Comprehensive Guide

Handles and knobs form a vital part to complete your dream kitchen! To choose the right handles, knobs and finishes for your kitchen cabinet doors, cupboards etc. — it is imperative to know first, what options you have.

Types of Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Kitchen door handles may vary in design, shape and finish, and you need to select the best handles for your cabinets, cupboards and door that seamlessly blends to your kitchen layout design.

1. Handleless

With a push-to-open mechanism, handleless drawers, cabinets and cupboards are fitted, which facilitates you to open and close the doors with the utmost comfort. Homeowners who desire for modern and ultra-modern kitchens will love using handleless cabinets, drawers and cupboards.

2. Edge Profile

If you want your kitchen to have a pristine and sleek look, then edge profile handles are an excellent choice. Edge profile handles are hollow-channelled bars fixed to the drawer edge, where you put your fingers in the hollow space to use it. As they slightly protrude, it makes them appear as if the cabinets are without handles, giving a sleek look, ideal for contemporary and modern kitchens.

3. Cabinet Knobs

Cabinet knobs are preferred by those who like the vintage style. Knobs are circular and fixed at the opening corner of a cabinet door. Besides, they are also available in various flower and animal shapes. Knobs go well with ornate cabinet doors; however, they are not a good option for drawers due to the limited area to hold. Moreover, knobs can get loose with continuous use; thus, you need to inspect them at regular time intervals to make sure they are correctly fitted.

4. Cup Handles

Cup pull handles

If you want to get more of the vintage look, then go for cup handles. Cup pull handles are stable and made for heavy cupboards and drawers. Whether brushed gold or antique brass finish, they expel refined archaic feeling.

5. Bar Handles

Bar handles are simple yet functional! They come in a long rectangular bar that is easy to grip and pull. Bar handles flawlessly work with modern and traditional-styled kitchens, and they are one of the classic pull-out handles available in the market currently.

6. T-Bar Handles

Identical to bar handles, T-bar handles differ in shape, as they come in tube-shape. The t-bar handles are ideal for single-coloured, flat cabinet doors, rendering kitchen with a smooth look. This handle type will best suit modern and ultra-modern kitchen styles.

7. Bow Handles

Bow handles are pull-out handles as well; however, the grip comes in a variety of designs that include a wave-like shape or a porcelain-like finish. They are ideal for traditional style kitchens, as it offers vintage-inspired feel.

Bow handles

Let’s Glance at the Different Materials & Finishes!

Once you finalise the handle style, then you need to decide what material and finish you would like to have for your handles. Handle’s material will suggest how often you need to clean them and how long it will last. The finish is the exterior coating of the handle that can affect your kitchen’s overall ambience. The next time when you go for shopping handles, keep these vital details in mind, which will help you to distinguish between different handles.


Copper handles are timeless and stylish, and they offer a tender, metallic accent to the kitchen and gel with dark and plain cabinet door colours. Copper may not suit all types of kitchen styles, but choosing a decent colour palette and door style can lend your kitchen a smooth, industrial look and feel.


With a glossy and reflective surface, traditional chrome provides a classical and conventional look in a kitchen. Today’s chrome handles incorporate a metal core coated with a thin chromium veneer. Matt finish is available in brushed and stain variants. Remember, chrome handles need a lot of care and maintenance. They are susceptible to scratches and fingerprints; thus, you’ll have to clean them regularly.


Nickel handles look charming with different types of finishes such as high polish, satin and antique. The main distinction from chrome handles is that the metal chrome plated with nickel. Nickel handles are the number one choice for farmhouse and traditional kitchens. Nickel handles are rust-resistant, but they can get dull with use. To slow down the process, manufacturers often coat them with lacquer; however, regular cleaning may aid to preserve their shine for longer.


Black handles are ideal if you want to highlight the contrast between your cabinet doors and handles or if you’re after a monochrome colour palette. Gloss and matt are the two finish you get in black handles. Glossy black handles have a sleek, more reflective lustre compared to matt finish. Black handles are identical to nickel in terms of style, and they blend seamlessly with farmhouse and traditional-styled kitchens.

Stainless Steel

If durability is what you need, then choose stainless steel. It requires minimal maintenance compared to all other handle materials. Besides, they are resistant to rust, stains and scratches. They suit many kitchen styles; however, they best suit modern and transitional kitchen styles.

Antique Finish

The antique finish offers a vintage-inspired look, and they make it appear as if your drawers, cabinets, cupboards etc. have been there for a long time. Homeowners love the antique look even today despite their rugged exterior, and that is because they emit a certain charm. Handles that gel with antique finishes includes brass, black and nickel handles.

Brushed Finish

Choose a brushed-finish handle style if you don’t like the high-polished shiny look. These handles come with a dull, matt lustre with fine lines. Its distinctive metallic look gel seamlessly in contemporary and modern kitchens.

The Bottom Line

Above-mentioned are only some best-selling materials and finishes available in the market, and often they are mixed and matched. When you’re aware of the handle styles, materials and finishes available in the market then when it is time for you to select the right kitchen door and cabinet handles, it will be easy. Make sure to check out the different combinations to uncover the right handle style, material and finish that best-suits your refreshed kitchen interiors. Finally, you need to ensure buying quality kitchen cabinet handles so that it lasts. Therefore, it’s imperative to transact with an established supplier who provides you with high-quality handles that will last you many years.

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