4 Types of Ironing Boards: Which One Is Your Pick?
4 Types of Ironing Boards

4 Types of Ironing Boards: Which One Is Your Pick?

4 Types of Ironing Boards

Are you looking to replace your existing ironing board? Well, take a look at the different ironing boards available in the market and choose the one that best suits your requirements and space. You can choose from the following four types of ironing boards:

  1. Wall-mounted
  2. Tabletop
  3. Built-in
  4. Freestanding

1. Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

A wall-mounted ironing board does not have legs; instead, the board connects to the wall. Typically, the wall bracket facilitates you to fold the board up when not in use, or you can leave the board out flat. You can install the wall-mounted ironing board in the laundry or any other room where you have adequate space to do your ironing chore.

2. Table Top Ironing Board

A tabletop ironing board allows you to set it on a table or benchtop so you can do your ironing at a suitable height without harming the surface. It comes with smaller legs and a smaller board; however, most models come with an iron rest that will fold down effortlessly and facilitate storage. It is a perfect alternative to consider if you live in a smaller home with confined space.

If you’re not comfortable to carry out your ironing chores in a standing position for a longer duration, then you can use this tabletop board on a hardwood floor as well.

3. Built-in Ironing Board

A built-in ironing board integrated into a cabinet that mounts onto a wall. So you can’t move it from one room to another, as it remains fixed in one place. When you open the cabinet door, you can fold out the ironing board and carry out your ironing chores. Once you have completed ironing, you can easily fold and keep it inside the cabinet along with its accessories. Besides, you can custom make integrated pull-out drawer ironing board that will rest beneath your kitchen benchtop or laundry.

Customisation is required for both options so that it fits in along with your home design. Nonetheless, you can buy fully-assembled standard ironing board cabinets from the market that can straight away mount onto the wall.

4. Freestanding Ironing Board

The freestanding ironing board is the most common type found in homes. Freestanding ironing boards come with X-shaped legs that fold down flat for effortless storage and can be adjusted to different heights so that people of different heights can easily use it. Depending on your height and ironing habits, choose a freestanding ironing board of the right size, available in various dimensions.

The freestanding ironing board is portable, so you can use it in any part of your home – for instance, in front of the television or anywhere provided you have space for it.

Final Words

Thus, ironing boards come as wall-mounted, tabletop, built-in and freestanding, and they provide different type of conveniences. You have to choose an ironing board based on two vital considerations:

  • Space available in your home.
  • The convenience ironing board provide to perform your ironing chore.

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